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Story Behind this Blog!

19 Aug 2018 .

Website Loading Time is Most Important Factor now a days. Users of the 21st century don’t like to waste 5 - 6 seconds during website loading. Website speed Also Affects Google ranking.

I think Best Time for Webpage Loading is 2 sec. I am Wordpress developer & i use it in most of my client websites. Wordpress is Best CMS [Content Management System], I wrote a white paper on Wordpress. You can read it Here

But Web speed In Wordpress Is an Issue. Its not wordpress problem, Many Web Hosting Companies Don’t have optimized Hosting that is recomended by [Wordpress.org] so Speed of WP Website Is Reduced.

I Joined TechHub [Punjab IT Board] these Vacations, There was discussion between Senior Developers How Can We Overcome Speed Problem In Wordpress? So I Reserched A little & Discussed it with other Developers.

The Website where you are reading this post Now Has a Load time of 1 second. The CMS that I’m Using for this website is Created From Scratch & It Took Almost 5 Days In Developing. I’m using Cloudflare CDN & DNS For Optimizing and Security.

Special Thanks To MNS UET for Providing Student Mail Boxes. I used My student Email In Github Developer Pack Application & It was Approved. As A result i got Premium Github Account where i can Make Unlimited Repos Without Paying Anything.

I made tens of blogs for others but never made for self use… This is my First Post..& i know it is not in professional way…

Thanks for Reading



Ali Husnain is a Full-Stack Developer from Pakistan. He Spends 50% of his time in Building Open Source Softwares.